Sawdust dryer for drying wood chips

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Rotary Dryer

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Pelleting equipment Biomass sawdust dryers

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Drying wood chips or sawdust Throughout the year our dryers use residual heat (for instance from electricity generation) for drying wood chips and sawdust. Dorset has much experience in drying wood chips and sawdust. Currently, PCE offers sensors for inprocess moisture measurement with an accuracy of up to %.

New instruments which are currently under development will achieve accuracy values that are significantly lower than previously attainable results.

About Floor Protectors. Polyethylene sheeting is a handy material to have around with many uses both inside and outside of your home. Since polyethylene sheets, also referred to as plastic sheets, are water resistant, flexible and extremely durable they offer a versatile type of protective covering.

Wood Moisture Installation Calibration. The MoistTech IR moisture sensor has been used extensively within the wood products industry and is ideal for process control of dryers, blenders and incoming raw material providing real-time moisture measurement. Installation is quick and simple and only needs the wood moisture sensor to be mounted a few inches above the product.

Belt Dryer for Sawdust, Pellets, Wood Chips and other Biomasses

Rotary Dryers - Rotary Dryers are widely used in the industry for drying, cooling and also provides direct rotary dryer, rotary coolers, rotary drying systems, conveyor dryers, conduction dryers, vaccum dryers at .

Sawdust dryer for drying wood chips
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