Parents should have a license to

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Might We License Parents.

Should You Need a License to Have Kids?

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Jan 08,  · Periodically someone comments here that perhaps parenting should require a license, just as it is a requirement for driving a car or, in some places, owning a dog.

A trio of stories in the news this week make that look like a very good idea. First comes word out of Butler County, Kan., of Adam Herrman, an year-old boy who disappeared.

Children under the age of thirteen should not be allowed to have cell phones due to the huge distraction that they have on kids. When a child gets a cell phone they become obsessed with it.

Should Parents be Trained and Licensed

When a child gets a cell phone they become obsessed with it. The license will apply equally to birth parents, adoptive parents, step parents, and any other possible name for a person that raises a child.

Should We Need A License To Be A Parent?

The applicant’s genetic relationship with the child will have no bearing on whether or not they are deemed fit to raise the child. If the government is willing to dedicate so much to a “license to parent”, why not instead focus more on giving enough resources to help families in trouble: high quality early child care and public school, universal health care for children, opportunities for economic self-sufficiency, more programs to help hopelessly inadequate parents, and more safeguards for kids who are exposed to such parents.

Should parents need a license to have kids? The blog over at Freakonomics actually put up a poll asking their readers if they think parents should have to get a license to have kids. Nov 27,  · Our pro-children words can be translated into pro-children action by licensing parents. A license would set the expectation that children should be competently parented.

Parents would need to show basic competence before they raise their children.

Should You Need a License to Have Kids?

A parent license would define parenthood as a privilege rather than as a right. It would promote parent education.

Parents should have a license to
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