Parents of prisons

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Parents or Prisons

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Parents in Prison

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Political prisoners in North Korea’s gulag-like penal system have been systematically tortured, raped, and executed for transgressions as minor as digging for edible plants, according to a. The primary purpose of jails is to detain those awaiting trial who are a danger to public safety or a flight risk.

The 50 Most Comfortable Prisons in the World

Jailing someone who is neither results in huge costs for families and communities, including lost income, parents separated from their children, untreated mental health and substance abuse problems, a greater risk of re-offending, and wasted taxpayer dollars. “Today, the parents of 1 in every 50 children in the United States are in prison.

1 Over half of those parents are serving time for non-violent offenses.2 The gains in public safety benefits stemming from incarcerating a record number of parents are dubious, but the potential adverse consequences for children are clear.

An MSNBC reporter said migrant children are effectively being "incarcerated" in a Texas facility where more than 1, migrant children are being held. InLyle and Erik Menendez fatally shot their wealthy parents in the den of their Beverly Hills mansion. Jose, a year-old Hollywood executive, was shot point-blank in the back of the head.

Parents of minor children held in the nation’s prisons increased by 79% between and midyear Growth in the number of parents held in state and federal.

Parents of prisons
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