Nurses with addiction

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Nurses and Addiction

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Harm Reduction: Compassionate Care Of Persons with Addictions

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Addiction Nursing Careers & Salary Outlook

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Nurses and Addiction

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Nurses And Addiction: A Quiet Epidemic

As a nurse volunteer with the Statewide Peer Assistance Program for Nurses (SPAN) of the New York State Nurses Association, Howard Doughty, RN, BSN, CNOR, has seen this firsthand and heard stories of addiction from nurses of all ages. Nurses work in an environment that is characterized by high levels of stress and easy access to medications.

As a result, they have a significantly higher rate of substance abuse than the general public, with experts estimating that approximately 20 percent of all nurses struggle with an addiction.

A nurse who becomes impaired by addiction poses a safety threat to patients and colleagues. Poor concentration, mood swings, mistakes in patient care-all are effects of drug abuse. What's more, addicted nurses can quickly spark professional conflicts.

Substance Abuse Nurse

Addiction is impacting an ever-increasing number of nurses across the country, to the point where many addiction experts are calling it an epidemic of drug use.

It is important to understand the influences behind this epidemic, the ways in which you can spot addiction in a nurse, and how it can be treated. Although most nurses understand the dangers of addiction, drug abuse and addiction can quickly develop in this

Two of the biggest reasons for this seem to be a high-stress work environment and ease of access. It might seem crazy that nurses would have a high rate of addiction, considering that we're more knowledgeable about the horrible effects of drugs than the average person.

Nurses with addiction
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