Measuring depression for individuals with chronic illness

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Chronic Illness and Depression

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Tips for Coping with Chronic Illness

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Apr 04,  · PubMed articles in English were searched from to (year span) using the following search criteria: psychoneuroimmunology of depression, immune-mediated inflammation, depression treatment recommendations, depression screening, years lost to disability, underserved populations and depression, chronic illnesses and depression, and selective serotonin reuptake.

It is so because that same study stated, “recognition and treatment [of depression] are crucial; depression worsens the course of a chronic illness.” But while it is well documented that many people with chronic illness also struggle with some degree of depression, it is often the forgotten piece of the chronic illness patient’s healthcare puzzle.

Inform patients with depression and a chronic physical health problem about self-help groups, support groups and other local and national resources for people with depression. Make all efforts necessary to ensure that a patient with depression and a chronic physical health problem can give meaningful and informed consent before treatment starts.

Jan 27,  · Until recently, people with serious, long-lasting depression had few options. In many cases, people suffering from depression viewed their condition as a sign of personal weakness and never sought treatment. Untreated depression increases the risk for substance abuse, heart disease.

Sep 17,  · Caring for family members with chronic physical illness: A critical review of caregiver literature. Jung-won Lim 1 and Brad Zebrack 1 found that the patient's performance status, type of illness, and depression were related to the caregiver's QOL.

Dealing With Chronic Illnesses and Depression

However, two. Tips for coping with chronic illness. Depression, disability, and chronic illness form a vicious circle. Chronic illness can bring on bouts of depression, which, in turn, can lead to a rundown physical condition that interferes with successful treatment of the chronic condition.

Measuring depression for individuals with chronic illness
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