Marketing strategy for ganga water purifier

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Five-point plan to clean the Ganga

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To know the promotional strategies of KENT WATER PURIFIER’S. To understand & measure the impact of advertising in the market. To measure the effectiveness of promotional activities for a particular product class and corporate advertising. Marketing strategy for ganga water purifier. IMC PLAN FOR WATER PURIFIER Introduction Internal Analysis Firm's Promotional Capabilities The current marketing strategy for ganga water purifier is a push strategy, utilizing personal selling via a sales.

The targeting strategy is based on the quality of water. For towns where the water quality is good, UV water purifier is targeted. And for towns where water quality is bad, there RO or RO + UV water purifier is targeting. Backed by the team of experienced professionals, we are involved in offering Ganga Water Filters to our clients.

This is designed at our vendors’ end using high grade factor inputs and latest technology in order to ensure its high skayra.coms: 1. Water from the Ganga is used to cleanse any place or object for ritual purposes.

The word Ganga is considered as a synonym of pure and holy water. According to a mythological legend, Lord Brahma collected the sweat of Lord Vishnu’s feet and created Ganga.

World water purifier market is segmented on the basis of technology, end-user, channels of distribution and geography. Segmentation on the basis of technology includes gravity .

Marketing strategy for ganga water purifier
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Five-point plan to clean the Ganga