Capitalism as a way for europe to dominate asia

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Rise of Western Dominance

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Capitalism in Asia at the End of the Millennium

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Can Asian-Style Capitalism Save the West?

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Conversely, if you take every major change to Europe following the discovery of the Americas and then ask "How would this have played out had the Americas not been discovered" it becomes exceedingly difficult to outline a way for Europeans to become dominate, much less exceptional.

Capitalism-Dominant Ideology in the U.S, Europe, and Asia. -Economic systems in which individuals own the means to production and can legally amass unlimited personal wealth. Theory holds that governments should not impose unnecessary restrictions on economic activity and that the laws of supply and demand can best regulate the economy.

Capitalism-Dominant Ideology in the U.S, Europe, and Asia. -Economic systems in which individuals own the means to production and can legally amass unlimited personal wealth.

History of capitalism

Theory holds that governments should not impose unnecessary restrictions on economic activity and that the laws of supply and demand can best regulate the economy. The way it goes now, it is quite likely that the 21st century will be—and is—the Asian Century. It is the source of global economic growth, with about one-half or two-third of the world's population, and a huge majority of the world's landmass.

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Capitalism as a way for europe to dominate asia
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