Affidavit of single parent in the philippines

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How to Close a Business in the Philippines

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Apply for a U.S. Visa

What are the roles for your Philippines Passport Beak?. A minor child traveling from the Philippines to any country abroad must be accompanied by a parent.

If the child is unaccompanied by any of the two parents, he or she may be required to produce a travel clearance issued by the DSWD at the port of departure. Philippine Classification of Individual Consumption According to Purpose (PCOICOP) Philippine Standard Classification of Education (PSCEd) Philippine Standard Commodity Classification (PSCC) Philippine Central Product Classification (PCPC) Q & A: Solo Parent's Welfare Act and Parental Leave.

How to Transfer a Land Title from a Deceased Parent in Philippines?

Release Date. For first-time applicants, visit the DFA website:, ready your Philippine passport requirements, set a DFA appointment online with the nearest Regional Office to your current that, fill out the online application form and then save it.

International Marriage in Japan: How to File

Print your DFA appointment and bring the aforementioned data to the DFA Regional Office within your region. Description Affidavit of Support Guide Package. Fill out and submit your form in a few easy steps! Don't get overwhelmed with the complexity of the most of the Immigration process.


PASSPORT FORMS. Passport Application Form ; Affidavit of Loss ; Travel Document Form. DUAL CITIZENSHIP. VISA FORMS. Visa Application.

Affidavit of single parent in the philippines
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Name on birth certificate does not match driver's license and SS card