A discussion on the need of people with mental disabilities to be treated normally and without preju

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Meaningful Work and Recovery

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Empirical evidence about recovery and mental health

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How should people with mental illness be treated?

Many federal laws protect the rights of people with disabilities, including mental health conditions. The main law is the Americans with Disabilities Act with or without reasonable accommodations (such as a flexible work schedule) your employer is allowed to ask whether you need reasonable accommodations.

Understanding The Needs Of Persons With Disabilities (PWD's) Mental Health Disabilities. People with mental health disabilities look like anyone else. You won't know that your customer has a mental health disability unless you're informed of it.

Be confident and reassuring, and listen to your customers with a mental health disability. Nov 14,  · Message 2: Many people with mental health problems recover. Living well with and beyond ‘illness’ experiences is possible for many people.

It involves personal effort and support from others. In relation to benefits entitlement, the criterion of ‘permanent disability’ in a mental health context is toxic, and should not be used.

How should people with mental illness be treated? A discussion on the need of people with mental disabilities to be treated normally and without preju
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